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Our mission at Lear Medical is to improve patient safety by reducing adverse events and mitigate catastrophic outcomes in the radiology industry. At Lear Medical we offer medical services for your practice or business. We focus on providing feedback that is actionable, concise and enables clinicians and departments to operate more safely, effectively and efficiently. We aim to improve experiences for departments, clinical staff and patients.

What do we do?

Lear Medical specialists have developed a quality and safety solution to reduce adverse events, mitigate catastrophic outcomes and improve healthcare. Using our independent review systems, hospitals world-wide are collaborating with us to improve their clinical services and patients’ healthcare.  

Our innovative tool allows for accurate analytics of your radiology services with findings and recommendations to set you on a path of continual improvement that can address safety, improve diagnostic accuracy resulting in better patient care and improving outcomes.

Our in-depth research is based on real-world-data of medical adverse events and patient morbidity and mortality statistics. In addition, we based our research and development on radiologist consultant feedback. Before we developed our review tool and services, we gained an understanding of the day-to-day pressures inside radiology departments – with the global shortage of trained radiologists and increasing workloads, errors are inevitable – thus quality and safety is compromised. Using Lear Medical radiology departments can more effectively deep-dive with our data insight tool and have their radiology service and outcomes independently reviewed. With detailed findings we can work with you to implement recommendations for either short-term, medium or ongoing support with your improvement goals.

We believe we can help to:

>>>Improve quality and safety in your radiology service

>>>Independent actionable feedback that improve patient outcomes

>>>Improve your service quality whilst operating more efficiently

>>>Improve patient care and potentially save lives

Meet the Lear Medical Team

Dr Vimal Raj Radiologist Consultant (Advisor to Lear Medical)

  • Senior Radiologist and lead of Cardiothoracic Imaging for Narayana Health group, India.
  • Dr Raj has trained and worked in leading institutes in United Kingdom including Royal Papworth (Cambridge), Glenfield Hospital (Leicester) and Royal Brompton Hospital (London). He also served in Afghanistan with the British army during the war.
  • Has a strong interest in teaching and training and is extensively published.
  • Examiner of final FRCR with Royal College of Radiologists, London.
  • Has post graduate qualifications in Management and Medical Law.
  • Has a strong understanding of the needs and challenges facing institutions in order to provide quality health care in a timely manner.
  • An expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has developed multiple imaging products

Dr Anusha Naidoo Radiologist Consultant

  • Dr Naidoo is a consultant clinical radiologist who did her training in Australia and New Zealand.
  • She has worked within the public and private sectors within Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
  • She has been involved in setting standards for quality in Radiology for the Australia and New Zealand college of Radiologists
  • Dr Naidoo is an examiner for the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Radiologists.
  • In addition to her medical training, she has a Masters in Management from the London School of Economics.

Yorshan Naidoo CEO

  • Major (Retired) in the South African and Royal New Zealand Air Forces serving as a command pilot and instructor as well as safety officer  
  • Was instrumental in the review of safety and security manuals in the military and has had vast experience in assessing and implementing corporate safety organisational frameworks 
  • MSc Executive Masters in Management, London School of Economics 

Rob Claire Lead Software/Data Engineer

  • Software engineer with a focus on distributed systems and data engineering
  • Ex Pinterest, eBay
  • MSc Executive Masters in Management candidate, London School of Economics

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